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Aromatherapy means something different to everyone!                 gorilla-smelling-flower2

How aromatherapy, perfumes, essential oils, the smells of Nature and the smells of man affects each of us is different. Our sense of smell connects us directly to the limbic system of our brains. It affects us on a deep primitive level….but more on that later.

First off……..I used to hate perfume! All my life I ran from people wearing perfumes and colognes. They made me sneeze, they gave me headaches, I couldn’t breath when I was too near them and then………an amazing thing happened. Fifteen years ago a friend talked me into buying some pure essential oils. She told me I might have a different experience because these fragrances were not synthetic chemicals. I awaited their arrival with curiousity. I remember the day they came, my friend Robin  and I were at my house. I got the box and brought it into the kitchen and we opened it up…….life was never the same. By the time we were done sampling everything it was as if we had drunk too much wine. Unbelievable effects, and the aromas! I didn’t sneeze once …..I was hooked.

I began to study the various oils and used them on myself and in my healing practice. Then came a time when I was shown many formulas for healing while I was in meditation. I was awake, night after night, writing down these formulas. It felt a little crazy actually. When I had written them all down I began to study to see if the combinations I was given would really do what I had been told. They passed my research. Some of these were complex formulas with 11-20 oils in them and various stages of preparation and prayer. I began to make them. I later took an aromatherapy certification course and studied some more, but the main gift was given before that. Since then, making formulas for healing and wellbeing  just seem to come naturally for me.

I hope that the information I share here will deepen your appreciation of essential oils and their therapeutic use. They have incredible healing power and they SMELL SO GOOD.

The Science of Aromatherapy

Brief History of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

How Essential Oils Travel Through the Body

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