Eating for Health

Awaken your Mind about Eating ūüôā

Paying attention to what you eat is important. It not only affects your physical health, it affects your mental and emotional health. Some of the foods we ingest today are filled with chemicals, hormones and etc. that actually affect your brain chemistry. In addition, considering the fact that everything is energy….you are ingesting the energetic signature of how that food was created. So, unless you are some gifted yogi or saint that can transmute all poisons, it might be helpful to think before you bite!

I want to speak a little about the importance of the energetic signature of food but first I would like to state that I am not a fanatic and I am not judging anyones lifestyle as to whether or not they eat meat, etc. I currently do not eat meat, but I have in the past. I grew up on a fairly typical american diet (for the time). My mother liked fresh vegetables and we did not eat a lot of fast foods but we ate meat and white bread! What I want to share with you is what I feel might be optimal and why.

First, when choosing food I consider three different “healths”.

1. My health – is it good for my body?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get more fresh, alive foods into your diet. These foods have life force energy and create health. I am providing an interesting link here to some Kirlian photography of various foods and you will be able to see what types of food have more life force. Cooked foods and foods grown in poor soil conditions with lots of chemicals don’t really have a lot of energy.¬†– scroll down past the crop circle of wheat picture and they start to show some food pictures.

2. The health of whatever I am eating – has it been grown in a way that nurtured it’s health and well being?

All things have consciousness, it is obvious that we need to treat animals more humanely but plants also have consciousness and this is now being scientifically proven. They react to their environment much as we do, releasing stress chemicals and loose energy in harmful situations. I would venture to say that plants in those types of situations don’t provide optimum nutrition.

3. The earth’s health – are we improving or maintaining the health of the earth by the process used to grow this food?

The first two are fairly straight forward. The last is much more complex and I don’t think anyone has it all figured out yet. Things like, “Which is better, organic produce shipped from California to Florida or locally grown produce sprayed with pesticides and fungicides?”, can really be confusing. I just do the best I can with the information I can gather. I¬†believe the most¬†pertinant thing is to realize that it is important to think about how our environment is being affected by the farming and marketing practices we currently use.

The bottom line is that everything is connected. One of the most unconscious things many of us do each day is shovel food into our mouths. Food is energy, it matters if it has been sown, grown and prepared with Love and high quality nutrients. It matters what we do to the Earth to bring it to the table.  

There may be more to the old adage “You are what you eat” than you may think.

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