About Awaken To Grace

 Awaken to Grace is based in St. Augustine, FL. It  is a composit of information, techniques, modalities and products on new thought, alternative and spiritual healing, aromatherapy, biofeedback, fengshui, green and eco-friendly living, massage and more gathered by Marilyn Edwards in her 17 years of practice as an alternative health practitioner and spiritual healer.

The website serves as a doorway to knowledge that can help you change your life. We hope you enjoy what you find here. It  is really our heart’s desire to help others, create a more positive and loving world while doing something we enjoy as well.

Many years ago, Marilyn, with the help of some friends, wrote a proposal for a large healing center that covered a new paradigm for living. It is her intent to bring some of this content to your view via this website. It is based on the feeling that all life must integrate into a harmonious expression. It matters how we conduct business as much as what business we conduct. It matters how we think about and treat our fellow man and the earth. It matters how we think of ourselves and where we put our thoughts and energy. We are constantly feeding creation with our thoughts and it seems important that we place  our energy and thoughts on the ideas we would like to see manifest in our lives and on this planet.

It is her hope to awaken you to the idea that inside of you is a powerful manifesting factor, that when anchored in love and peace and passionate right action, can be a huge force of change in this world. It seems even more important today than 12-13 years ago when she first wrote the proposal. We need to come together in community and recognize the one energy that creates us all and focus our hearts and minds on creating a better place for all of us to live in and enjoy. 

The reason Marilyn chose the name Awaken to Grace is because over the years of study and practice she found that, as interesting as all the latest and greatest technologies and methodologies can be, the underlying truth was very simple. When you let go of all the complexities of the mind there is an enduring energy, call it what you will, that encompasses all things.  This enduring energy, which she is calling Grace, is All That Is. When you are attuned to it life is very different and you operate from a different perspective. Miracles can occur (and she has seen them happen).


Thank you for visiting. Please enjoy the site.

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