Long Distance Healing Groups

Long Distance Healing Group


Rewire your Brain…..

Open Your Heart…..

Long Distance Healing Group

For prosperity, abundance, creativity, health & more!

***I am in the process of restructuring the Long Distance Healing Groups. 

This class will start in July of 2013.

These are intense times! We need to step into our true purpose and abilities to create a better world for ourselves and others. It’s time to get moving and stop sitting on the fence!

This long distance healing program is based on the energy happening right now. It is geared toward understanding energy fields (including mass consciousness), your bodies, and learning to navigate in these times with health and ease.

We employ the power of the group to help shift more easily into our heart awareness and to manifest our heart’s desires. It is time to learn to come together to create what we need and a world of peace and prosperity that is in harmony with Nature. These are times to embrace Mastery and remember our true purpose and being.


Although, a basic format has been developed, each month the long distance healing program is different because it is based on what is going on with the group at that time. This makes it much more dynamic than some programs that have been developed and are used in the same way over and over again. I look at all information available to me through  meditation, Intuition and my quantum biofeedback device . I then develop the energy sessions and exercises based on that information.

In this long distance healing program you will receive energetic balancing and healing on:

1. Levels of stress: environmentally, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

2. Over all energy level of the group

3. Main patterns needing to shift in the group – this varies with each group and each month

4. Helpful nutritional and physical balancing

5. Exercises you can practice to help change and create new realities based on what I am seeing in the session.

6. A healing affirmation (usually in sanskrit – but you can also make your own) to use through out the month.

7. A ho-oponopono type prayer to assist you and for you to use to help the entire group. Through this prayer each person in the group is helping everyone else in the group. It is important to say it daily.

Detailed notes and/or a video explanation on the long distance healing session, depending on what is the most appropriate. This information can be quite helpful. There will be one healing session and one conference call per month plus weekly info and suggestions to keep the energy moving.


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Our brains naturally want to protect us and react based on fear. This is the way our brains actually function neurologcially unless we do something to train them to work another way. Our brains’ default program is fear. To see new options, hold new visions and inspire creativity we have to retrain our brains to “see the light”. Many programs tell you “what” to do but few tell you why you fail or why certain exercises help. I have found if you understand the why, you are much more likely to stick to it!

Your brain and heart must be coherent and focused like a laser to achieve visualization and thoughts that manifest. When your mind is quiet and your heart is open you tap the power of Grace. You are then in a dimension of manifesting through inspiration and unity consciousness instead of duality.

The group healing programs are offered to assist you in rewiring your brain and heart to bring the Magic back into your life. They have been created for several reasons. One, they harness the power and productivity of group energy for making changes and two, they are affordable programs offering guidance and up-to-date assistance for those who want to create change and keep their hearts and minds open during these difficult times.


This is a time of deep change on our planet and many old patterns are coming up to be released. This can be very stressful for your mind and body.  At the same time, many people are finding their finances to be more limited and may be unable to seek costly help. This is the solution I received after praying for a way to offer help that would be more affordable and accessable. These programs are designed to help you move these patterns more quickly and to give you a source of guidance on a weekly basis.


I have developed these special long distance healing group program to assist people in manifesting through the Awakened Heart and the power of Grace instead of the duality of the Mind. When you use the power of your mind through an Awakened Heart you may tap into Unity Consciousness. Your goals change and the way you perceive the world shifts to one of comprehending oneness. It is quite a different space to operate from.

When we create through the Heart we cease to cause duality reactions…….here comes the good………here comes the bad……… The brain becomes the servant of the Heart and instead of constantly rolling the film of subconscious memories (which are affecting your reality) it can quiet itself and listen for “Inspiration” coming from deep within the Heart.

Many times we may believe we are in our Heart but we have only skimmed the surface of the depth of being, awareness and truth that are available there. Being “good hearted” is not the same has “living from the heart”. It literally can be like walking in another world, and a very wonderful one.


The purpose of these long distance healing group sessions will be to increase creativity, prosperity, health and to release fears. I developed the groups for several reasons. One was to harness the power and energy of people working together. The second reason was to provide affordable assistance during these difficult financial times.





Privately this service could cost over $600 per month. The group receives the same quality of attention that I give private clients. I really want everyone to succeed. I include the groups in my personal morning krya and prayer each day.

Special family rates will be available.

For more information please email: marilyn@awakentograce.com

Group sessions (in person or long distance healing) are also available for your business, family or organization.

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Coming soon … a detailed explanation of the science long distance healing

Align your brain with your heart.