Long Distance Prosperity Group

The prosperity workshop started at exactly the same time I was starting my new business. During the first two sessions, I have signed up two clients and have two more in the works. Financings for 3 of my clients are underway. Several funding calls are taking place this week. The first one went off very well.
The mantras all 4 of them I say regularly. This is a powerful process. These are the best opportunities that I have had in years.
Thank you and all of the group participants.
Scott T.

Dear Marilyn,

I used to feel like I constantly had to struggle to survive. The energy sessions and exercises helped to change my life.  Now, I don’t see the struggle. I look forward to the next prosperous event because now I believe it can happen.

My intention the first week of the prosperity group was to take full advantage of everything you were offering.  After all, who doesn’t need a little prosperity these days! From the very beginning I felt this was going to work for me. I do believe setting my intention helped me take advantage of what was being offered.

Two days after the first session was the first day of prosperity. It came in threes. I was offered and accepted 3 different opportunities. ALL IN ONE DAY. I have also had a winning streak on scratch-off lotto tickets. I won three times for a total of $140.  Within two weeks I was able to quit the job I did not like.

I find myself now, letting things flow to me, I don’t plan about it so much as open to opportunity that has come to me after setting an intention.

Thanks for starting this group and including me. I can only imagine what would happen if we all worked together in larger and larger groups.  We could change anything! 

Bill Hersey

Healing Work

Marilyn, your  have very unique gifts from spirit that make your healing work exceptional. I respect your quest for new and better healing tools and techniques. You are blessed with intuitive skills that help you get to the root of the issues . I have had healings with your work and responded to your sound and energy work. The essential oils that you use really add to the healing!  I know Awaken to Grace aromatherapy oils are created with blends that come from a higher source, using quality oils, and sealed with sound, prayer and love. I  feel that they can shift energies so I use them for healing and meditation. My favorite is Clear Mind/Clear Heart.

Sandra Houle,  Reiki Master